Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost game CD?

Do you have any games on your computer that you can't find the cd for? Well you don't need to remove the game from your computer. All you have to do is download a CD patch this allows you to play your favorite game with out a cd. Here's the steps to playing your game without a CD.
1. Go to and select the mirror.
2. Search for the game you need and download the Patch.
3. Find and replace the game's .exe file (not a shortcut) with the Patch.
4. Open up your game and enjoy playing.

You no longer need a CD to play your game. This also works if you no longer want to switch out the disk in your CD drive anytime you want to play a game.
A couple of extra tips you should know.
*Never delete the original .exe file right off the bat always move it to a different location until you've made sure the new file will work properly.
*You can find the game .exe under your computers program files.
*The use of these files are completely legal providing you originally owned the game.

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